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I was immediately affected by this one [Rascal Miles' "Tailor-Made" Tiny Desk Contest Submission]. I just love the way that it's a very intimate performance. I really really commend you for [making an album during the pandemic lockdown], because I couldn't make anything during lockdown... [This performance is] also very folky, which I love. I love when people kinda flip the script on folk music.” - Phoebe Bridgers

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Rascal Miles - "Tailor-Made"

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“This is the anthem that transgender kids are asking for”. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve received pitches like this one recently. We are glad for that, but the song needs to step up the call. Well, Rascal Miles is certainly a big strong name in the music industry mainly because of the way Rascal’s tracks sound genre-independent, fragile, melodic, and with beautiful stories being narrated. “Tailor-Made” is a track that has every bit of folk-rock we need to step up into one of the great tracks released this year...

PRIDE MONTH: Rascal Miles Kicks Pride Off With Top Surgery Anthem “Tailor-Made”

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Rascal Miles’ new song “Tailor-Made” touches such an intense chord with me that I actually need to take breaks listening all the way through — especially at the bridge. Miles gets to the core of my feelings around the process: as exciting as the results will be eventually, there is still a lot of weird and frustrating bureaucracy and gross (IMO) invasive medical procedures to wade through first.

As Miles transcends his multi-layered harmonies in the bridge, the lyrics get more graphic, highlighting (in my interpretation) the body horror necessary in this life-affirming surgical procedure. You’re probably going to have to take a break, too — and that’s a good thing.

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Rascal Miles - Songs for the graveyard

Songs for the Graveyard is Rascal Miles latest EP released in October 2020. This is a concept album that revolves around its undead and supernatural characters whose thoughts and emotions are juxtaposed into real-life experiences. All presented with a great deal of tenderness and humanity. Rascal Miles does this with heartfelt pop songwriting that dives into the viewpoint of these graveyard “monsters”. As a result each song cuts deep, with a balance of wit and vulnerability that never fades through its six tracks. You’d have to have a heart of stone to not develop any sympathy or see yourself in these songs. After all, which one of us hasn’t had a moment when we felt dead inside?

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'Tailor-Made' by Rascal Miles

Some artists communicate in layered, elaborate rhetoric. Others take a starker, more straightforward approach. In Rascal Miles’s “Tailor-Made,” a gentle but certain indie-folk song about transmasculine gender affirmation surgery, we get the best of both worlds.

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INTERVIEW: The Folk/Pop Artist Gets Candid and Prepares to Release New Song 'Tailor Made'

Trans/Non-Binary artist Rascal Miles is part of a new wave and generation of artists emerging into the music scene who are well familiar with challenge and adversity but who are excelling because of it and not being defined by it. Rascal has been working towards the release of music that is personal and elevated and sets them on the path of the next stage in their music journey. That day is almost here as Rascal prepares to release new song 'Tailor Made', which deals with the experience of top surgery.

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Rascal Miles – “Zombie” Lyrics + Music Video

My eyes won't open all the way

I see you over there and practice what I'd say

The color's gone from this deadpan face

My arms outstretched 

Don't run away

Rascal Miles’ New Single “Tailor-Made” is an Emotional Pride Anthem

A track made about gender-affirming top surgery, this song is the emotional pride anthem we needed this month.

The song starts with a few lines softly delivered by Rascal, and then we’re led into the instrumental with catchy stacked vocal melodies to compliment the track. Rascal tells a cleverly written story throughout the verses, with the progression of the song building in emotion. I adore the soft vocal delivery from Rascal throughout the song, and also the raw and very personal lyricism. This song is definitely a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally, but in the best way possible. A must listen for this 2021 Pride season.

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Rascal Miles - "Tailor-Made"

Centred on gender-affirming top surgery, the song charts both the violence and banal practicalities of becoming the person you are meant to be. “I sign on the dotted line / Yes, I’m still sure,” Miles sings, “Dysphoria diagnosis letter / Proof of ID / Paperwork.” Rascal Miles leads us through the situation with a voice both poetic and open. The terror of it, the silly hoops to jump, the outside doubt pressing in until the final countdown and anaesthetic pull toward a “space between sleep and death.” The sense that a certain level of destruction, or deconstruction, might be required in order to make things right.

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